Space Ranger ASK is a classic arcade shoot’em up game, featuring asteroid blasting, spacemen rescues, UFO destruction, asteroid mining and Boss fights!

Control your spaceship using keyboard, mouse or gamepad, and blast your way through hundreds of action packed levels. Grab the powerups, shoot the aliens, defend your base, rescue spacemen and much more.

ASK is short for Arcade Shooter Kit, which means the game includes a fully featured Mission Editor, allowing you to create and share your own Missions on Steam Workshop.

The game includes 3 Missions, and 20 more from the developer is ready on the Steam Workshop for free. You will also have access to a library of Missions created by other gamers.

Game Features
– old school arcade action
– hundreds of action packed levels
– tons of enemies, bosses and powerups
– easy-to-use Mission Editor
– share your Missions on Steam Workshop
– online scoreboards and achievements
– hundreds of objects and decorations to add to your games
– pumping soundtrack by Ian Frank
– awesome lighting engine
– control by keyboard, mouse or gamepad
– endless hours of FUN!

Space Ranger ASK Gameplay Trailer